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Are you looking for an excellent private dining spot in Maastricht? Beluga Loves You is a great location for luxurious group dinners, walking dinners, or a group lunch. Not only do we have a great lounge to accommodate this — alongside good service and quality food we’ve got all the facilities you’ll need to make your event shine.

We have a beautiful, and spacious private dining room that enables us to receive groups. So, apart from enjoying lunch or dinner in our restaurant, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the same quality with a larger group of people.

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What kind of private dining occasions will be suitable?

We’re pretty flexible when it comes to making sure our guests meet their gastronomic expectations. This means we’ll be able to accommodate most requests. In addition to that, our furniture is mobile, which ensures we can create just about any setting we need. Perfect for groups that like to receive a personal touch.

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Dinner or lunch for more than 8 guests
  • Walking dinner
  • Family dinner
  • Group dinner
  • Farewell dinner
  • Wedding dinner
  • Funeral reception

All the dinner options can also be served as lunch. Did you have something else in mind? In most cases, we’ll be able to think along with you. Feel free to ask for the possibilities concerning your ideas, without any obligations.

What makes our private dining room special?

Experienced team of professionals

We have the same team working daily on a Michelin-star level. These are the same people serving you if you decide to book our private dining room. That means personal service and experience professionals at all times.

That applies to our kitchen staff as well. A lot of our colleagues use a separate banqueting department for larger groups, but we choose to give all our guests the best service and food we possibly can. Same staff, same quality.

Always the right size room

The private dining room at Beluga Loves You gives us flexibility because of the mobility of the furniture. You’ll never end up in a room that is too small or way too big for your comfort. We’ll always make sure we hit the sweet spot.

In practice, this means you’ll always have the feeling that our private dining room is tailor-made for your event. One could argue that this is indeed the case.

No shortcuts whatsoever

You’ll always get the full Beluga Loves You experience if you book a group event with us. Tableware, atmosphere, furniture and all the other ingredients that make our restaurant what it is.

A very luxurious experience, yet with an accessible atmosphere. Not some space in a dark corner of a hotel or restaurant. We take care of all our guests the way we think we should — visiting us with a larger group of guests doesn’t change that in the least.

Near the city center, central station, and a parking garage next door

Beluga Loves You is situated near the riverbank of the Meuse and directly next to the characteristic Hoge Brug. In other words: the Maastricht city center is a five-minute walk. That means you get all the advantages of a central location, without the logistic drawbacks of an old city center as Maastricht has.

Furthermore, the central station is also accessible on foot. A nice little detail for people staying outside of Maastricht. Bringing your car will also not be a problem at all. The square on which Beluga Loves You is located is also home to a large underground parking garage.

Several group options for lunch, dinner, or a cocktail party

Seated lunch or dinner

Our private dining room has two long tables that easily seat 12 people each, for a total of 24 luxurious seats. These seats are each well suited for an extensive lunch or dinner when it comes to space and comfort.

This option is ideal if you want some more privacy compared to our restaurant. In essence, it’s the Beluga Loves You restaurant experience, but you get to chose who’s invited.

Walking Dinner

One of the upsides to having a walking dinner instead of a seated dinner is the sociable aspect. It’s a lot easier to move around the room and interact with different people.

To do this in a way that meets our quality demands, we use two mobile serving islands to serve the food to our guest. These are manned by our chefs, to ensure we serve it just the exact way it was meant by our kitchen.

Naturally, our serving staff will provide you with everything else you need. So, a walking dinner — but done with the service and quality you can expect from us.

Cocktail party with finger food

Our possibilities don’t end with lunch or dinner. We can also throw a mean cocktail party in the style and atmosphere of your choosing. Everything is open to communication.

However, you’ll always receive finger food your guests will talk about for a long time, and a level of service that suits Beluga Loves You. A cocktail party that sets itself apart through quality and class.

Custom furnishing and facilities

We welcome groups of guests for special occasions regularly. It’s no surprise to us when there’s a need for custom facilities or furnishings in the private dining room.

We always have the following in-house:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Presentation materials
  • Beamer

If, in any case, you need something else than what we provide in-house then just let us know. We can arrange anything from special furniture, equipment, personal furnishing, thematic assets, or just about anything you can think of. We’ll make sure everything you need is provided when needed, no questions asked.

Posh or informal? You can have whichever you prefer at Beluga Loves You…

Being a Michelin-star restaurant, we’re always prepared for luxury, service, and quality our guests have come to expect from us. We can seamlessly transfer these traits to our private dining room. So if that’s what you’re looking for, we got you.

Yet, that kind of approach doesn’t do justice to every single occasion. Sometimes you’re aiming for a more casual, easy-going ambiance — without sacrificing any quality. That’s not a problem whatsoever. We can discuss what you have in mind, and make sure it turns into a reality.

We’ve hosted a very diverse number of events, so we’ve become very experienced in finding out what our guests are aiming for and fine-tuning that basic idea.

Custom and luxurious transportation

Sometimes transportation can be a hassle. Especially if you want to enjoy your evening to the fullest. Fortunately, we’ve got a good relationship with a professional and reliable partner that takes care of this.

This way you’ll never have a transportation issue when you visit our restaurant. On request, we can have all our guests brought to their destination by a professional driver. Just let us know and we’ll take care of it.

Beluga Loves You taxi vervoer

How many people can our private dining room accommodate?

Well, that depends on what type of occasion you’re looking for. Do you have a seated dinner in mind or a cocktail party with finger food?

To keep it simple, we use these numbers as a rule of thumb:

  • 24 persons lunch or dinner
  • 40 people walking dinner
  • 60 people cocktail party with finger food

It’s nearly impossible to fit every single event neatly into one of these categories. Let us know your wishes, and we’ll usually be able to get it done for you.


Plein 1992 12
6221 JP Maastricht
+31(0)43 321 3364
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Inspiration Lunch


4 gangen incl. wijn, water, koffie en friandises. Beschikbaar op  vrijdag en zaterdag t/m de carnavalsdagen.