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Beluga Loves You

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Beauty surrounds us, if you care to look around

Our main concern at Beluga Loves You is serving our guests the very best. We prefer to use as many local ingredients we possibly can to achieve this. There’s just so much beauty around you, if you care enough to take a good look.

It’s our mission to show people – through our dishes – that we should be proud of what our local environment has to offer. It’s exactly that never-ending quest for simplicity that makes my craft so fantastic.

Servais Tielman

4 days max effort

Recently we’ve decided to open our restaurant for four days a week. This ensures that our team performs in the strongest possible formation from Wednesday to Saturday.

That way you’ll always receive the optimal Beluga Loves You experience, just like we intended it. Without any concessions whatsoever.

Head to tail

Respect for life and the treatment of animals. That’s the main motivation to cook exclusively with actual organic ingredients. We use every part of the animal to create our dishes. From head to tail. Completely back to basics, in the end that’s what it’s all about.

Appreciation from Michelin

We’re so proud of our team! Within six months we’ve been blessed with our first Michelin star. Nothing could have motivated us more to keep working hard, and provide our guests with an even better experience in 2020.

To celebrate this with our guest, we’ve introduced an accessible lunch menu that consists of the best fresh ingredients we can find on a daily basis.


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Inspiration Lunch


4 gangen incl. wijn, water, koffie en friandises. Beschikbaar op  vrijdag en zaterdag t/m de carnavalsdagen.