Add color to your winter

Beluga Loves You

Choose your own ambiance

The comfort and luxury of our restaurant, the excitement and ambiance of the kitchen, or would you rather watch the chef? 


Experience all the good things our restaurant has to offer our guests.


Watch the excitement and ambiance of the Beluga Loves You kitchen up close.

Chef's Table

Enjoy your night while you watch the chef do what he does best.

4 days max effort

Recently we’ve decided to open our restaurant for four days a week. This ensures that our team performs in the strongest possible formation from Wednesday to Saturday.

That way you’ll always receive the optimal Beluga Loves You experience, just like we intended it. Without any concessions whatsoever.

Appreciation from Michelin

We’re so proud of our team! Within six months we’ve been blessed with our first Michelin star. Nothing could have motivated us more to keep working hard, and provide our guests with an even better experience in 2020.

To celebrate this with our guest, we’ve introduced an accessible lunch menu that consists of the best fresh ingredients we can find on a daily basis.


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Op alle door ons aangegane overeenkomsten zijn van toepassing de Uniforme Voorwaarden Horeca (UVH). Deze liggen bij ons ter inzage en worden op verzoek onverwijld kosteloos toegezonden, of via de link De UVH zijn bindend voor iedereen die van onze diensten gebruik maakt.

Inspiration Lunch


4 gangen incl. wijn, water, koffie en friandises. Beschikbaar op  vrijdag en zaterdag t/m de carnavalsdagen.