Stimulate all your senses

That's more then just good food and wine.



Our lounge will embrace the good things you’ll find in the forest. Where plants and animals are connected by nature.



An organic balance between spaciousness and light that provides our restaurant with an intimate and open atomsphere. This opens the door for an even more intens experience of all the flavours, structures and smells.



An exiting, narrow experience with warm structures, colours, and suprises. Characteristics you’ll also find in the soil, as long as nature reigns free.

Questions or uncertainties?

Our new concept is a bit different from what our guests are grown to expect from us. We understand this raises some questions. Let’s clear some of those up.


Beluga Loves You
Plein 1992 12
6221 JP Maastricht
+31(0)43 321 3364
KvK: 73811629
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Op alle door ons aangegane overeenkomsten zijn van toepassing de Uniforme Voorwaarden Horeca (UVH). Deze liggen bij ons ter inzage en worden op verzoek onverwijld kosteloos toegezonden, of via de link De UVH zijn bindend voor iedereen die van onze diensten gebruik maakt.

Inspiration Lunch


4 gangen incl. wijn, water, koffie en friandises. Beschikbaar op  vrijdag en zaterdag t/m de carnavalsdagen.